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Legacy Ridge  

Environmental Impact Statement



Final Environmental Impact Statement

Accepted January 8, 2008

FEIS Filed January 11, 2008

Volume 1

Legacy Ridge FEIS.pdf(666kb)

FEIS Figures.pdf(28.8mb)

FEIS Notice of Completion.pdf

Volume 2

Appendix A DEISComments.pdf (5.7mb)

Appendix B WAC_Report.pdf (574kb)

Appendix C Archeological Report .pdf (38kb)

Appendix D Correspondence.pdf(10mb)

Appendix E PUMP TEST REPORT.pdf (7.3mb)

Appendix F School District Services.pdf (69kb)

Appendix G DEIS Figures.pdf(77mb)

Appendix H North Parcel Wetland Map.pdf (5.0mb)

Appendix I Tree Survey.pdf (3.8mb)

Appendix J Fiscal.pdf (175kb)

Appendix K Stormwater Report/Stormwater Report.pdf (35.3mb)

Appendix L Buildout complete.pdf(1.1mb)

Appendix M Village-Town Agreement.pdf (357kb)

Volume 3


Cover Sheet 01G-0.01.pdf (13mb)

01V-1.01.pdf (4.6mb)

01V-1.02.pdf (1.7mb)

01V-1.03.pdf (3.3mb)

01V-1.04.pdf (1.2mb)

01V-1.05.pdf (2.1mb)

01C-1.01.pdf (2.6mb)

01C-1.02.pdf (1.0mb)

01C-1.03.pdf (1.5mb)

01C-1.04.pdf (919kb)

01C-1.05.pdf (995kb)

01C-1.14.pdf (11.7mb)

01C-1.15.pdf (1.4mb)

01C-1.16.pdf (3.5mb)

01C-1.17.pdf (1.3mb)

01C-1.18.pdf (1.3mb)

01C-1.21.pdf (1.2mb)

01C-1.22.pdf (1.7mb)

01C-1.23.pdf (1.1mb)

01C-1.24.pdf (1.3mb)

01C-1.27.pdf (3.4mb)

01C-1.28.pdf (3.8mb)

01C-1.29.pdf (2.2mb)

01C-1.30.pdf (4.2mb)

01C-1.33.pdf (1.1mb)

01C-1.34.pdf (1.1mb)

01C-1.35.pdf (831kb)

01C-1.36.pdf (610kb)

01C-1.37.pdf (705kb)

01C-1.40.pdf (844kb)

01C-1.41.pdf (752kb)

01C-1.42.pdf (495kb)

01C-1.43.pdf (627kb)

01C-2.01.pdf (626kb)

01C-2.02.pdf (591kb)

01C-2.03.pdf (462kb)

01C-2.04.pdf (642kb)

01C-2.05.pdf (499kb)

01C-2.06.pdf (667kb)

01C-2.07.pdf (566kb)

01C-2.08.pdf (606kb)

01C-2.09.pdf (620kb)

01C-2.10.pdf (625kb)

01C-2.11.pdf (556kb)

01C-2.12.pdf (639kb)

01C-2.13.pdf (685kb)

01C-2.14.pdf (553kb)





Draft Environmental Impact Statement                    

Accepted July 11, 2006

Table of Contents.pdf (76kb)

Key Word Index.pdf (58kb)

Legacy Ridge Notice of Completion.pdf (14kb)



Volume 1

1.0 Executive Summary.pdf (247kb)

2.0 Description of Proposed Action.pdf (36mb)

3.0 Potential Environmental Impacts

3.1 Soils Topography and Geology.pdf (27mb)

3.2 Water Resources.pdf (8.1mb)

3.3 Vegetation.pdf (4.2mb)

3.4 Fauna.pdf (889kb)

3.5 Cultural Resources.pdf (847kb)

3.6 Visual.pdf (65.7mb)

3.7 Transportation.pdf (5.3mb)

3.8 Land Use.pdf (5.2mb)

3.9 Zoning Issues.pdf (1.8mb)

3.10 Police Fire Emergency Medical Services and Court Services.pdf (102kb)

3.11 School District Services.pdf (848kb)

3.12 Utilities- Wastewater.pdf (4.3mb)

3.13 Utilities- Water.pdf (1.0mb)

3.14 Utilities- Soild Waste.pdf (1.3mb)

3.15 Fiscal Resources.pdf (79kb)

3.16 Air Resources.pdf (72kb)

3.17 Recreation and Open Space.pdf (73kb)

4.0 Adverse Unavoidable Significant Environmental Impacts if Project is Implemented.pdf (40kb)

5.0 Alternatives.pdf (692kb)

6.0 Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources.pdf (41kb)

7.0 Growth Inducing Aspects.pdf (47kb)

8.0 Effects on the Use and Conservation of Energy Resouces.pdf (37kb)



Volume 2

Appendix 9.1 Correspondence.pdf (6.4mb)

Appendix 9.2 Conservation Cluster Development Overlay.pdf (855kb)

Appendix 9.3 Cultural Resource Report

Phase 1A report GCI.pdf (145kb)

Phase 1B Field report GCI.pdf (107kb)

Appendix 9.4 Pattern Book.pdf (13.5mb)

Appendix 9.5 Test Pit Logs.pdf (3.8mb)

Appendix 9.6 Water System Report.pdf  (4.7mb)

Water System Report Appendix 1- CW-1.tif (400kb)

Water System Report Appendix 1- CW-2.tif (428kb)

Appendix 9.7 WWTP Report.pdf (3.0mb)

Appendix 9.8 Bibliography.pdf (209kb)

Appendix 9.9 Traffic Impact Study.pdf (4.3mb)

Appendix 9.10 Wetland Delineation Report.pdf (1.0mb)

Appendix 9.11 Threatened and Endangered Species.pdf (617kb)



Volume 3

Appendix 9.12 Visual Analysis.pdf (52.4mb)

Appendix 9.13 Buildout Matrix.pdf (3.2mb)

Appendix 9.14 Draft HOA.pdf (1.2mb)

Appendix 9.15 Orange County Open Space Plan Introduction.pdf (488kb)

Appendix 9.16 Southeast Orange County Traffic & Land Use Study Executive Summary.pdf (1.4mb)

Appendix 9.17 Woodbury Open Space & Natural Resource Plan.pdf (1.6mb)

Appendix 9.18 Town of Woodbury Master Plan.pdf (5.8mb)

Appendix 9.19 Orange County Comprehensive Plan.pdf (13.5mb)

Appendix 9.20 Highlands Conservation Act.pdf (997kb)

Appendix 9.21 Fiscal Analysis.pdf (55kb)

Appendix 9.22 Town of Cornwall Comprehensive Development Plan.pdf (8.0mb)

Appendix 9.23 Deeds Restrictions Covenants.pdf (3.0mb)

Appendix 9.24 See Volume 4

Appendix 9.25 Orange County Precipitation, ET and Runoff.pdf (13kb)

Appendix 9.26 Buildings, Artifacts and Items of Historical and Archeological Significance.pdf (14kb)

Appendix 9.27 Prior EIS's for the Area.pdf (21kb)

Appendix 9.28 NYSDEC Data Regarding Area Wells.pdf (14kb)

Appendix 9.29 Habitat Assessment.pdf (13kb)



Volume 4

Appendix 9.24 Stormwater Management Report.pdf (14.0mb)



Volume 5

Conceptual Site Plan 1"=200' CS-1.TIF (4.5mb)

Conceptual Grading Plan 1"=200' CG-1.tif (5.7mb)

Grading Plan 1"=100' G-1A.tif (3.1mb)

Grading Plan 1"=100' G-1B.tif (4.6mb)

Grading Plan 1"=100' G-1C.tif (3.4mb)

Grading Plan 1"=100' G-1D.tif (3.3mb)

Grading Plan 1"=100' G-1E.tif (1.8mb)

Utility Plan 1"=100' U-1A.tif (3.9mb)

Utility Plan 1"=100' U-1B.tif (4.7mb)

Utility Plan 1"=100' U-1C.tif (3.1mb)

Utility Plan 1"=100' U-1D.tif (3.5mb)

Utility Plan 1"=100' U-1E.tif (2.4mb)

Erosion Control Plan 1"=100' E-1A.tif (3.0mb)

Erosion Control Plan 1"=100' E-1B.tif (4.3mb)

Erosion Control Plan 1"=100' E-1C.tif (2.2mb)

Erosion Control Plan 1"=100' E-1D.tif (2.8mb)

Erosion Control Plan 1"=100' E-1E.tif (1.4mb)

Profile Road A 1"=20' C-201.tif (1.8mb)

Road Profile B 1"=20' C-202.tif (1.3mb)

Profiles Roads B 1"=20' C-203.tif (1.7mb)

Profiles Road B1 1"=20' C-204.tif (1.3mb)

Profiles Road B 1"=20' C-205.tif (1.1mb)

Profiles Road B, C, D & Emergency Access 1"=20' C-206.tif (1.7mb)

Profile Road Main Access 1"=20' C-207.tif (125kb)



Volume 6

Appendix 9.30 Public Comment.pdf (9.3mb)