Proposed Lower Yuba River Accord

Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS)


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q      Distribution Letter

q      Table of Contents/List of Acronyms

q      Chapter 1 – Introduction

q      Chapter 2 – Public Outreach Process

q      Chapter 3 – Project Changes

q      Chapter 4 – Comments and Responses

q      Chapter 5 – Revisions to the Draft EIR/EIS

q      Chapter 6 – MMRP/ECP

q      Chapter 7 – References

q      Chapter 8 – List of Preparers

q      Index


q      Appendix L –Yuba Accord Draft EIR/EIS (June 2007) – available at:


q      Appendix M – Updated Proposed Lower Yuba River Accord Agreements

o       Appendix M1 –  Final Draft of Lower Yuba River Fisheries Agreement (showing changes from draft Principles of Agreement, Lower Yuba River Fisheries Agreement, in Appendix B of Draft EIR/EIS)

o       Appendix M2 – October 3, 2007 Draft of Yuba Accord Water Purchase Agreement (showing changes from April 2005 Draft Water Purchase Agreement, in Appendix B of Draft EIR/EIS, with new Exhibits 1-4 added)